Welcome! My name is Baixiang, and I’m a second-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Illinois Tech, where I have the privilege of working with Professor Kai Shu. My research centers around data mining and machine learning, with a specific focus on authorship analysis.

In my free time, I like all kinds of outdoor sports. I’m an avid runner, swimmer, and have recently taken up weightlifting. I also find joy in playing the piano and expanding my reading list.

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Baixiang Huang, Canyu Chen, and Kai Shu. “Can Large Language Models Identify Authorship?” arXiv preprint (2024) [PDF] [Github]

Baixiang Huang, Bryan Hooi, and Kai Shu. “TAP: A Comprehensive Data Repository for Traffic Accident Prediction in Road Networks.” SIGSPATIAL ’23 (2023) [PDF] [Github]

Baixiang Huang, Wei Liu, Tian Wang, Xiong Li, Houbing Song, and Anfeng Liu. “Deployment optimization of data centers in vehicular networks.” IEEE Access (2019) [PDF]

Baixiang Huang, Anfeng Liu, Chengyuan Zhang, et al. “Caching joint shortcut routing to improve quality of service for information-centric networking.” Sensors (2018) [PDF]